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My work delves into a personal history formed by different cultural motivation, through investigation of materials and their evocative qualities. Through the process of conceiving and working through ideas, the viewer can identify main interests and recurring themes in my work.

As an artist who grew up in The Bahamas, I have always been intrested in the influences of culture on expression.  Though defining these influences can be a challenging activity, I feel that culture to a large degree, helps to create the field from which we draw formal and intuitive responses. From my Bahamian heritage comes a sense of identity, sensibility, even a strong work ethic.

In 1989 I embraced the opportunity to study art and live in the United States.  In an atmosphere of possibility and experimentation combined with traditional methods of casting and carving and construction, I began to create representational images or the essence of forms that are considered a commonality within my culture.

The progressive concept of repetition in my work implies that repeated effort may be necessary to accomplish things and that the accomplishment is worth the struggle.  Reference to the construction, and the way thing are constructed suggest, to me that nothing fits, but everything works. With the mindset of a collector and the affection for the disdained items, urban refuse and industrial materials is central to the process of art making to me as an artist.  The objects used within the art work maintain  their integrity to reflect  where they have been and the artwork I create reflective who I am.

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